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Alex Kelman "Ilusia" is out now!

I am honoured to announce my new album "Ilusia" out now. You can download Digital version, as well as order cassettes & CD's on my Bandcamp page:

Alex Kelman "Ilusia" Format: Album (CD/Cass/Digital) Release Date: 15.03.2023 Geertruida | Noise Me

New album “Ilusia” was produced and recorded during 2020-2022 & includes 8 tracks. Most tracks produced by Alex Kelman, some of them in collaboration with different artists: dream-pop romantic Magnus Josefsson, shoegaze band Secrets Of The Third Planet, friend and colleague in the previous Kelman’s band Punk TV - Vladimir Komarov, old-school electronics guru Inbox and crazy electorocker Kelly Perry.

 1. VHS (feat.Secrets Of The Third Planet) 05:58 2. 00:00 (feat. Vladimir Komarov) 03:39 3. Dezinfekcia 03:34 4. Strach (feat. Kelly Perry) 02:49 5. Alone (feat. Magnus Josefsson) 03:45 6. Zima (feat. Inbox) 03:45 7. Rapid 19 03:24 8. Ilusia 05:03

All tracks & lyrics produced by Alex Kelman, except “Strach” produced by Kelly Perry

All instrumental & vocal tracks recorded by Alex Kelman, except:

"VHS" Eugene Frankevich - vocal, guitars

"00:00" Vladimir Komarov - guitars

"Strach" Andrey Yukhovich - all instrumental production

"Alone" Magnus Josefsson - guitars

"Zima" Ruslan Tagirov - synths

Mixing: Alex Kelman

Mastering: Yuri Danilin

Artwork: Venera Ismagilova

In front of a new album release, Alex Kelman presents a new track "VHS" (Vysoka Hranica Snov - High Limit of Dreams) recorded in collaboration with a shoegaze / dream pop band Secrets Of The Third Planet (vocals and guitars by E.Frankevich) and supplemented with a video clip filmed and edited by Anastasia Maystrenko and Vadim Levovenya.

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