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"Dreamy keys chords run beneath chirping insect-like humming sounds and unobtrusive drone alarm as heavy bass vibrations thump, mixing with swirling synths and calm crystalline guitar melodies to form a surrealist atmosphere laced with sensual fantasy and deep lurking danger.
Contrasts, etched in deep shy tender male vocals embellished with ethereal female reflections, detachedly long for unknown caresses’ down pulsing bass lines and dancing rhythmic backbeats skipping into heart palpitations"

"Finally some good dark modern electro dance punk. Alex Kelman kicks out a killer beat and then crashes and crushes it with pure pop perfection. This will get slap you on your face and make you forget who you are. Here is the new theme song to your day" 

Oliver Ackermann (A Place To Bury Strangers)

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